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Vintage Stores – Central

By Gili Karev

Though Hong Kong is known as one of the most prominent markets for haute couture, the city’s shopping repertoire is certainly not limited to high flying names and shiny labels. In between sterile shopping malls and relentless name-dropping consumerism you can find a couple of slightly hidden vintage stores that are definitely worth a visit:

Bang! Bang! 70’s 1/F, No. 16A Aberdeen Street, Central

Brothers Parker and Michael opened this store five years ago because they had too much cool stuff and they didn’t know what to do with it all. Overlooking Aberdeen St. and stuffed to the brim with bags, shoes, hats, clothing and two standoffish fat cats, their shop is the epicenter of vintage accessories in the city. The brothers collect their merchandise from antique markets in Hong Kong, China and Japan and boast an impressive display of antique furniture if you can find it under the various bags, scarves and trinkets. Prices tend to be high for designer shoes, bags and furniture.

Vintage HK 59 Hollywood Rd, Central.

A mass jumble of anything from Dior bags to funky plastic jewelry, Vintage HK cells vintage, second-hand, and consignment pieces from local artists and jewelry makers. The messy, homey layout adds to the store’s appeal, and you can easily spend a good couple hours searching through various piles and corners for hidden treasures.

Bohemian Corner of Hollywood and Lydhurst Terrace

Tucked in a corner and very easy to miss, this tiny little shop is less vintage and more hippy. Long dresses, flower embroidered tops and beautiful hand crafted shoes, jewelry and bags are part of their charm. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere calm and inviting.



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