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An Insider's Guide into the Hong Kong Art Scene

Wellington Gallery

By Gili Karev

Wellington Gallery is in it for the ‘Wow’ effect. The home of  modern, striking Chinese contemporary artists and their biting reflections on society, Wellington Gallery is one of the city’s leading destinations for a glimpse in the artistic language of modern China. Surreal depictions of Mao Zedong, acerbic observations on Chinese collectivity devoid of individual thought and darkly humorous metaphors on overbearing consumerism and capitalism are among the themes presented by China’s most insightful and critical artists.

With his exquisitely detailed sculptures of pigs and rats, artist Huang Cheng evokes notions of consumerism, indulgence and the gluttonous corruption of both Chinese and Western capitalism. Cheng’s meticulous creations depict various elements of human hierarchy: The Imperial Pig suggests luxury and entitlement while the rat is a symbol of filth and deprivation.

Coming up in November is a solo exhibition by painter Yu Nancheng, also known as Mr. Fish because of the resemblance in his name (Yu means fish in Mandarin). Fish uses thick layers of oil paint to express the traditional “Chinese Red”, displaying temporal, structured landscapes in which individual images of people mesh into an indistinguishable structure of layered pant.

Visit the gallery at 36 Wyndham St, Central. Tel: (852) 2804 6688, Hours: Mon-Fri 10:30am – 7pm, Saturday 10:30am – 7:30pm, Sunday closed.


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