Art Futures

An Insider's Guide into the Hong Kong Art Scene

Galerie NeC

By Gili Karev

The famed Paris-based gallery Galerie NeC has opened up its first international location here in Hong Kong. Based in the up-and-coming new Sheung Wan hotspot and surrounded by numerous cafes and bistros, Galerie NeC is the future for international sculpture exhibitions in the city.

The gallery itself is beautifully structured as a wide open space, high ceilings and meticulous lighting illuminate artists’ work at center stage. Spacious and sophisticated, the venue is a unique installation to the already thriving gallery scene in Hong Kong. What sets it apart is both its artists – mostly international sculptures – and its interior design, which is at once both simplistic and exquisitely impressive.

Currently exhibited is Swedish sculpture Gustaf Nordenskiöld. Gustaf focuses on elements of stability and history, as he combines modernity and archaeology in his works. His focus on man and machine is at the foundation of his art, as each piece utilizes the connection between material and human interaction.

Both images are by Gustaf Nordenskiöld.

208 Hollywood Rd. +852 2547 0000.


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