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True Arts and Curios

By Gili Karev

Hong Kong, and especially Hollywood Rd. (also known by its alias, Antique Rd.) is filled with Chinese artifacts, traditional artwork and pottery, and various knick knacks that boast antiquity and inflated prices that evidently depict just that. And while we all love our souvenirs, kitsch and fake plastic tea cups do not look good on the mantelpiece. Which is why its important to know where to go for both the best selection and the most reasonable prices – especially when bombarded by the sheer ubiquity of endless small stores selling pretty much the same thing.

So if you’re looking for old mahjong sets, Chinese chess, teacups or even old propaganda Mao posters, True Arts and Curios on 89 Hollywood Rd – just before the old police station – is the best place to go. Owned and run by an adorable older couple and their son, True Arts has a beautiful selection of antiques, from furniture to kitchenware to jewelry. Looking for a traditional mahjong set this past weekend, I was given a choice of four: “These are real – between $1,500 – $3000. This one is not real, but still beautiful – $700.” I bought the not real one, equally as beautiful, and for a price I thought worthy of the product. Three cheers for honest antique salesmen.

True Arts and Curios is located at 89 Hollywood Rd, Central.


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