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Hong Kong Taxi Tips

Hong Kong Taxi Tips

The red urban taxis of Hong Kong serve all areas of New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Taxis are in plentiful supply day and night and can be hailed in the street easily. Asking a hotel concierge or stand in line at one of many taxi stands are also good alternatives. The only times I’ve had trouble getting a taxi are on Friday and Saturday nights around Lan Kwai Fung (Central), which is the city’s buzzing night life district. Here you have to queue in line, sometimes up to half an hour, at the taxi stands; taxis usually don’t stop on the street here.

Something else I’ve noticed is that a taxi will sometimes appear with its roof light on, but with the ‘For Hire’ flag covered by an ‘Out of Service’ sign; this means they are attempting to catch a fare back across the harbour tunnel. They will only take you to Kowloon side if you are on Hong Kong Island and the other way round. Drivers will refuse to take passengers who don’t want to cross the harbour.

Taxi journeys between Hong KongIsland and Kowloon must pass trough one of three harbour tunnels i.e Western Harbour Crossing, Cross Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing. Unless the journey commences from a cross-harbour taxi stand – then only the single tunnel toll is charged – passengers will have to pay the return tunnel toll.


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