Art Futures

An Insider's Guide into the Hong Kong Art Scene


ArtFutures  is dedicated to enhancing your experience of this vibrant, diverse city with a comprehensive local guide to art, music, culture and lifestyle.

The Hong Kong art scene is extraordinarily unique in its depiction of local culture, ideology and society. Following historical political changes in Mainland China in the mid 20th-century, Hong Kong became a nucleus for both Mainland and local artists to set the stage for the future of art and creativity. While many galleries in the city exhibit international artists, our goal is to try and promote established and emerging Hong Kong talent.

Our website is currently running and under constant construction, as the city is consistently brimming with new exhibitions, live shows, restaurants and bars. Feel free to comment and/or suggest places or events of interest in our comments section.

Each week, ArtFutures will be featuring a local Hong Kong artists’ work on our homepage.

This week’s featured artist is Hong Kong photographer Gavin Au Ka Yiu. His works have appeared in various Hong Kong magazines and have been collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. For more information about Gavin you can visit his website:

Kwun Tong Tsai Wan

Below is a photo taken by independent photographer Evangelo Costadimos. Costadimos’s work is inspired by street photography and the beauty of the immediate and the unpredictability of everyday life. For more of his art visit 



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